Waste Gateway at the Sustainable Living Festival

I present to you The Waste Gateway made for 

The Sustainable Living Festival 2018 
Great Local Lunch

 Installing the archway

The theme of the Sustainable Living Festival this year was about Food Waste and was delighted to be able to participate once again in this festival which is very meaningful to me and I am grateful for the 4th year to be been making temporal sculptural assemblages.
For this year I wanted to create a more immersive assemblage that people would respond to. The archway was created thanks to the many of the SLF volunteers, friends and neighbours who kept collecting through summer for this creation hundreds of fruit or vegetable plastic packaging. These single-use transparent punnets were assembled with used white packaging straps gathered. The idea was to thread the punnets onto the plastic straps as skewers and attached to an archway to create the entrance to the Great Local Lunch 2018 arena space at Birrarrung Marr. After a few little adjustments, the archway went up!

Facts 689 punnets -
That is a lot of cherry tomatoes and berries eaten this summer in Melbourne!


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