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Bastille Day Festival 2017

This year was a huge event in new premises at the old Melbourne Meat Market. The crowd that came (braving the cold) was amazing and the ambiance in this venue was magical. French food, design, travel combined with lectures and talks made it a special event for all. To add to this, pass the garden and in the stable was La Galerie 17, representing 5 French artists!

I was thrilled to be able to present my work in this large warehouse and perfect as a gallery space.
Tall ceilings and white walls with natural light coming through was the perfect combination to present art!

Fashionable Trash

An unusual idea came to me while away but always wanted to make. Also the material found were perfect for this project. Collecting, gathering and recording trash while walking the street of Sydney suburbs allowed me to create this work and of course as you will see this happen to look like fashion...

 Now do you see what I see when I mention fashion albeit now fashionable trash in Pyrmont