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700's Arts Festival is on at Rmit

I am fortunate to have 2 pieces exhibited at Rmit in the Library 700's book sectionBoth pieces are made with found metal and found polyethylene assembled together and lit with LED lights.

     Both situated under both staircases
For more details;ID=ijvgdew1a2lz

Response to WHITE TRASH show

I wanted to share how lovely it is to receive an email with a personal response to my last show. So here it is
'...But the exhibition is in a realm way above and beyond my expectations.
Your artist statement says it all far better than I could ever find the language for...'
Janet B.
That is why I do what I do for people to get touched by the work as I do when I think it

Artist talk at Bayside council offices

Looking forward to your coming Wednesday 5 August 1.30pm  Artist talk for students and the general public to attend this free event 
Death by POLY P.E.T. Tide is located at the Bayside Corporate Center   76 Royal avenue in Sandringham