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What NOW

Everything in the residency studio needs to fit in the car and then in my studio Bonne Chance Carolyn

Studio residency - Last days - works in the making

Full on production of artwork happening in the residency studio as the end is nearing…
Amazing amount of work made with the kind assistance of cafes around the area in particular @Grub, @Slowpoke and @Doomsday.
Very sad to finish this amasing residency in an amazingly large space with amazingly welcoming people @YYS in Fitzroy.
I will miss you all...

Yarra Youth Services at SPECTACLE

Spectacle - Atherton Gardens -Youh Week

Plenty of activities for kids
 Making Mother's Day Cards

 Singing and Dancing

New Project with the YYS artist in Residence

We have found in our area that many trolleys are pushed back to the streets the very next day  after they were used beyond the supermarket realm
So a new project was born….wait and see  soon here

Sculpture by students at Yarra Youth Services

Great artwork by YYS video students to project their own video footage on Cannot wait to see the whole project when finished

Excitement in my YYS studio!

So so exited developing and creating new work in the studio this week. The more I work with this material I realise how much more awesome it is! Giving me so much flexibility, possibilities and pleasure to work with. Not counting the never ending supply of a discarded material available daily. A new work to create awareness of our plastic consumption and its effect on our eco-system