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I will be part of the panel for the VIVID Ideas 2017 discussion on 
Tuesday 13th June 2017 at 6pm
UTS Business School (building 8)
MICROBEPLASTICA artwork (details) Carolyn Cardinet

What Does it Take? Science, Art, Wonder Can you see a future where artists, scientists and business work together to find creative solutions to big problems? It may exist in fragile ecosystems but how can it be sustained?
Considering the innovations that Leonardo da Vinci was dreaming up more than 500 years ago, what conditions are required for great ideas to be drawn up for the 21st Century?
Patronage was an important catalyst for the Renaissance. What is the role of business and universities in the 21 Century? How can we revision and resource the creative research ecosystem? Many of the speakers have dual or multi disciplinary backgrounds, artist and scientist, scientist and musician, scientist to artist, business science artist, are we all inherently trans-disciplinary? CULTU…

Junkies Magazine June 2017 Issue 9

Mer de Plastique
"For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive, in this century he is beginning to realise that in order to survive, he must protct it" Jacques Cousteau
This is a beautiful quote thank you Junkies Magazine for this article in your grest magazine dedicated to all things reused and repurposed!
Junkies Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2017
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Le Courrier

Carolyn Cardinet  Visual artist dedicates her work to the planet! by Valentine Sabouraud Le Courrier Australien 23 May 2017 –translation by me!
38 millions plastic pieces have invaded Henderson Island in the Pacific Ocean. This piece of paradise is now the symbol of the extreme pollution, which is felt in our oceans as it is choking fauna and destroying their ecosystem. We talk about a 7th continent-in reality it is more like a ‘plastic soup’ made of microplastic. In response to this Carolyn Cardinet an artist passionate about this topic, uses her activist work to recycle the plastic she gleans essentially on the beach close to home.  In her studio are gathered, milk bottles, old lids and straws touch by the time spent in the ocean. Old fans have been turned in cornucopias and dream catchers have shed their feathers to sit against plastic sheeting. ‘I used to walk on the beach and pick up rocks, driftwood and seashells. One day, I found a black object, a second and a third. They were made o…