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Back in the studio for a creation for the Great Local Lunch 2018

This summer collecting hundreds of plastic punnets has been on my dial and of others.  All to be used to create the entrance arc for this year Sustainable Living Festival 2018. Thank you to all whom have been gathering large ammounts
Sketch thought process

Red fruit Punnets            

                                                                    sliced Polyethylene

RMIT talk at the Port Phillip Bay Symposium

After working with scientist and researchers at RMIT University during my Art & Science residency in Sydney this year I was honoured to be asked to be a speaker for the RMIT symposium on the state of the bay.

The Importance of Art & Science Collaboration in this Day & Age By Carolyn Cardinet Thursday 14 Dec 2017 11.30-11.45 RMIT - Port Phillip Bay Symposium
‘What happens when these 2 tribes meet’ was the title of an article written on the matter in 2011
Well first we say hello, then both parties are nervous as one has never met someone else interested in their own passion, in their own field of research but somehow after a few meetings one starts to understand that artists and scientists are very similar. Similar you may not think but similar we are. Both tribes are making/creating/voicing hypothesis in their own field. Hypothesis that may or may not have an answer as yet but never the less an answer will eventually come. I have to say that hypothesis in art may seem to take les…