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Artist Residency - Day 10

Extending my area of searching for waste in #Footsray on a hot spring day. I can across these items including a seringe and a rice bag.

Black: Hanger Coffee lid
White: Rice bag T/A Coffee lids Packaging straps Spoon Straws Pipe Seringe T/A Soft drink lid Bottle caps

Artist Residency - Day 8

Jackpot in Footscray

I have found a large amount of take away coffee and of soft drinks lids as well as many straws
These will be mounted on the monuments I am creating to be displayed the Library courtyard after my residency. The work will be seen at night through the openings onto the carpark.

Take away coffee lids

Take away coffee lids
take away soft drinks lids

Artist Residency - Day 7

Another day looking for the unnoticed and planning how all of the found may work together as Black & white installations

Black: Packaging strips  Shoe hill Hanging device Knife Bottle cap T/A Coffee cup lid
White: Packaging strip Straws Fruit packaging Bottle cap Pipe

Artist Residency - Day 6 - Cleaning Footscray

Gleaning around I was surprised to fiund unusual pieces of machinery laying around. I also enjoyed looking at #BabyGuerilla paste up artworks adorning Footscrays's many red brick walls
Black: Rubber Straw Bits T/A Coffee lids Bottle cap Wire Packaging straps
White: Coat hanger Packaging beans Bottle cap 

Artist Residency - Day 4

Today looking for the unnoticed.
I walked in the very hot weather to pursue a little breeze...
I looked around #Footscray the site along the river and visited the gallery precinct

Black: Seal Straws Coffee lids Bits Hanging device Rubber
White: Polystyrene bits Coffee lids Straws Fork Bottle lids Soft srinks T/A lids Bucket handle Jose Packaging strap Drink bottles  Drink cup Packaging

Artist Residency - Day 3

A very hot day to work in the studio
I decide to drive around as the bitchumen   is hot under my shoes. I glean areas a bit further from the studio and I collect. I wash and display the found in my studio. I record the created collections of similar shapes and colour and start thinking of displaying the found in patterns... Although the amount and the found will dictate that... Am only the manual and word facilitator in this project. 
Black: Electrical cord Hanger Plastic bits Strip 
White:  Shopping bag Locked up bag Bubble wrap Coffee lids Soft drink lids Straws  Electrical wire

Artist Residency - Day 2

To be allowed to have the time to glean, reflect and play with an idea and have access any time to your own laboratory/studio is a gift to any artist
Thank you for people in communities forseeing this need and providing this privileged time to create in a little known area and away from artists lonesome studios. Discovering different areas, experiencing the local food, engaging with communities and being exposed to the public during the making of the artwork will greatly influence the work process and outcome of the work. Creating engagement, exchange and even collaboration with the local community is an unforgetable experience for the maker.
Plastic harvest of the day:
Black: Sunglasses lense Screws Market lid Take away coffee cup lids Cable ties Several broken debris- un-identifiable bits Electrical cord with a white plug Pop up lid Washer
White: Polystyrene cup Forks Bread ties Fruit polystyrene single protective netting  Take away coffee cup lid Straw Washer

Footscray New Art Residency - Artsboxmcc

I am the recipient of a new artist in residence in Footscray!
My studio for 5 weeks will be a 'Purple' shipping container. This laboratory is purposely refitted to suit artists basic requirements and will be situated in front of the the Footscray library.
I am looking forward to glean and record society's trash in a suburb environment and create an installation during my residency.
All welcome to visit, to have a chat, a coffee and collaborate in creating this large installation project
(please email to make an appointment