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Yarra Sculpture Gallery Bonanza 2015 exhibition

48 artists are represented at this year Yarra Sculpture Gallery Art Prize
Opening 4-7pm this Saturday 12 December 201

2015 Participating Artists

Fredrick White
Louis Balis
Heinz Boeck
Aneta Bozic
Tanja George
David Waters
Tas Wansbrough
Sione Francis
Liz Walker
Helen Braun
Maggie Brown
Penny Algar
Veronica Caven Aldous
Conrad Clark
Robert Waghorn
Brendon Taylor
Takahiko Sugawara
Kerry Strauss
Andrew Paul Smith
Maria Simonelli
Faustas Sadaustas
Stephanie Robinson
Katerina Richardson
Jackie Ralph
Herbz Rah
Anna Prifti
Merle Parker
Linda Oy Ho
Deidre Oliver
Akiko Nagino
Tracey Lamb
Katherine Marmaras
Richard Monger
Robert Mihajlovski
Anne-Marie Kuter
Glen Jackson
Paul Gorman
Felicity Gordon
Ernst Fries
Julian Martino
Yuko Dora
Justine Cromb
Betty Collier
Carolyn Cardinet
Katy Bowman
Suzanne Kaldor
Cliff Burtt

Installation is on view till 17 January 2016 at the Manningham Curio space

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 11.00 am to Thursday 31 December 2015, 11.00 pm Carolyn Cardinet's Like and oil spill, plastic never goes away is an all black immersive installation comprising assorted discarded black plastic and fibreglass PVC mesh. The exhibition space is transformed into a window that reflects on the state of the ocean seabed. This work is assembled out of the black plastic that Cardinet has collected from Port Phillip Bay and gleaned from the streets around her studio. As the artist states, "Most of the plastic ‘detritus’ appearing in the work passed through someone's hands, used only once before being discarded in the overflowing bins of our city streets before washing up on our shores. The work explicitly asks 'how much more plastic do we need?' With current rates of consumption we are arguably at a point of no return. One can easily foresee the whole sea, like this installation, being strewn with debris that will never disappear unless we stop …