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Time to play

Extroardinary thing to be able to take this time which I am relishing indeed.
For one it allowed me the time to go to workshops on basketry to expend ways of 'making' in my studio. Two to create something without a precise even a tad bit proud of this little exercise of mine thanks to the Basketmakers of Victoria and the wonderful woman on site helping us along.
 This fish made a young lady very happy as it sits now proudly in her room...

Back in the studio

And happily I must say as to experience ones studio without the close pressure of an upcoming exhibition. This time allows one to experiment and test what your imagination has given you that you translated in drawing format for the past few months...
So I decided and probably due to a lack of space in my studio to render & make small the many sketches in my artist diary.  Here comes a world of maquettes... However am already finding that I itch to see my new creations in a large or extra large format... Patience is a virtue they say and art has certainly put me through that test along the way.

                     The artist studio

working on maquette

Working on the sketches I have drawn in my visual diary for possible large sculpture works. I am enjoying the man-made and nature combination of my recent maquette series which I will post as resolved works as they come out of the studio.

From sketches to maquette

Playtime to ShowtimeAnd this is only the beginning...

Lots of fun working out as you go from fish making to pineapple (??) making

Sculpture at Scenic World

What an experience to see your own work in a magical landscape under the tree canopy of the N.S.W. Blue Mountains. This exhibit of what sculpture is now is an extroardinary survey of public spatial practice with in the lush enclosure of an untouched forest on the side of a mountain.

What a wonderful site to experience!

Having a week turn around between 2 exhibits has been somehow a challenge to be able to transform the previous work into a new artwork. So spending days and night cutting the ends of the previous work to then glue and assemble the strands into new lengths  to create a totally new work.
The experience was interesting overall totally possible but you do not foresee on being totally exhausted from the previous 2 other exhibits you also had in the last 4 weeks or so.
 how the work came back from Lorne
 Cutting the tentacles 
 Gluing the strands together
 still adding some length needed for the sculptures

Thankfully everything went well to the last minute still wrapping the work when my new sculpture was picked up ahead of a long drive up to Sydney. Then a flight and a drive to Katoomba to install the work the next day at 7am. All went well at Scenic World with a terrific team of professionals.

and what a setting to show your work under the tree canopy in the most spectacular region of NSW
I a…