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Portraits of Melbourne Launched this February at The French Consulat in Melbourne

Portraits de Melbourne by the author Valentine Sabouraud Hiraki-Editions
How honoured I am to be part of this wonderful group of people living and breathing Melbourne

in my studio (photo by Emma Bartlett)
For my part, it has been more than 26 years and I have not regretted one-minute landing here in the first place
Finding a job, meeting a group of friends thanks to my Australian encounter in Venice (Louise Owen)  getting married and giving birth to 2 beautiful girls and for the last 15 years being and living as an artist doing the job of my dreams, as you can see Melbourne has not dispointed me the slightest
Valentine the author has faithfully told my Australian story and it is amazing to read oneself like listening to someone's life story

For French speaking people coming to Melbourne and Francophiles alike, it is a book not to miss as the richness of its inhabitants spreads far and wide by their inspirational life written by the talented Valentine Sabouraud and my studio portra…

Sustainable Living Festival 2017 - Glacier Artist Talk

This artist talk was on last Saturday's at Cube 37 with a great turn out indeed.
Thank you, Angela, for your lovely words it has been great to collaborate with you on this project which I hope we will be able to transport to other venues in one form or another this year!

Interview on ARTS ABOUT 98.7 FM - RPP radio

Tune in on 98.7fm

An interview  by the gorgeous and talented Sally Baillieu  on her program  Arts About  this Sunday February 5th at 11am

The Leader Frankston - Glacier Exhibition interview

January 30, 2017

Carolyn Cardinet’s immersive artwork `Glacier’ highlights impact of plastic contamination Christian Tatman, Frankston Standard Leader
AS A painter, Carolyn Cardinet found that the canvas simply wasn’t big enough for her imagination.
“Often painting is representative, but I needed it (art) to be immersive,” she told the Leader. “That’s what I wanted to create with painting, but it wasn’t enough. “You can only go so far with painting. I was a bit stifled.” So five years ago, Cardinet moved from away painting and subsequently completed both a Bachelor and Masters of Visual Art. Her latest project titled ‘Glacier’ — on display at Frankston — is a collaboration with multimedia artist Angela Barnett. Cardinet said she came up with the concept after walking along a beach and being struck by the sheer amount of plastic debris that had washed up. She hoped the artwork, which fuses sculptural forms and projection, would encourage patrons to think about how …

St Kilda EcoCentre on Monday 6 Feb 2017 (7-9pm ) - SLF 2017 Event

INSECT HABITATS WORKSHOP The first creative collaboration is making Insect Habitat table decorations as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2017. The Great Local Lunch is a community collaboration held on Sunday 12th February 2017 at 12.30pm. Carolyn and Deb will conduct a free workshop on February 6th to engage the public in creating functional and interesting table decorations for The Great Local Lunch guests. Come meet like-minded people and create Insect Habitats to be used as table decorations for The Great Local Lunch on Feb 12.

Suitability: Max 30 people. 16 y/o – Adults (minimum supervision)

Register: Facebook invite
or email
WHY WE CHOSE TO CREATE INSECT HABITATSWe are inspired to create habitats and increase public knowledge due to the worldwide news that bee and pollinator numbers are declining. Melbourne s…

SBS French Radio interview for Glacier exhibition

The podcast for my interview by Jean-Noel Ducasse on SBS French radio  is now available for listening in French at  french_170123_620483.mp3