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Artist residency 2016 and exhibition

It is that time of the year again and I am getting prepared to go on my 2016 Can Serrat artist residency in Spain at the bottom of Mount Serrat 40kms away from Barcelona this September.
I am very excited to refresh my artist soul, fill my image library and see what else is out there plus visit my family and friends in Paris and later on in Portugal.
I will be developing new series influenced by my surroundings as I would like to surrender to my new environment and I cannot wait to show you the results as I will go dark for the next 6 weeks and will live a life of serenity without any social media (so she says)...

Upon my return, I will hang a large work in 'Immerse'.Thisexhibition program, features acclaimed and emerging artists. 30 exhibitions over 30 days in 30 venues divided between 6 curators in Knox city so keep your ears open...

Till then keep SAFE and keep SANE - be creative no matter what!

 Organic Plastic at Unicorn Lane Gallery Ballarat (detail) on 24/7 till 29 Septe…

Organic Plastic

All works are installed in Ballarat. Organic Pladtic is an ensemble of white plastic detritus assembled and twined with organic matter the show is on till 29 Sept at the Unicorn Lane Gallery in Ballarat.
The installation team - great work team

Post GSPF 2016

Today I thought I would bring some night shots of my work present at the Gettrude Street Projection Festival 2016 to you...

Swarming 2016

This project was based on the flimsy plastic packaging used in our society. Five large jellyfish graced the Atherton Gardens at the intersection of Brunswick & Getrudes streets.  During the day this installation of angels could be seen floating in the trees. Juxtaposing the organic and the influence of the affluent plastic getting trapped within our natural environment.

Maquettes to see the light in Ballarat

Organic Plastic is an exhibition of small works made out of the plastics we use in our daily lives this plastic becomes detritus after one single-use!How can we live with that?
Studio shot August 2016
This series of small work will be presented at the Unicorn Gallery 17 Aug-29 Sept 2016 and can be viewed 24/7. Looking forward to setting up the works in 9 windows of different format.

Exhibition at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery

Great show with works by members of the Contemporary Sculptors Association
21 July - 7 August 2016 Yarra Sculpture Gallery  117 Vere St in Abbotsford
                  Organic Cloak 2016
This work took 12 months in the making. With simple means Organic Plastic did see the light of the day at the YSG in 2016.  Hanging from a wooden branch plastic polyethylene rectangles were assembled into a plastic sheeting or a shield? What is our future? Will it protect us? Will it keep us warm? What happens with plastic debris that never disapears? Will it be the nightmare of our generation to bear?