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Monument to Footscray- Interview

This is the interview by Ebru Halimoff that was published in the Maribyrnong Star Weekly 
Footscray artist Carolyn Cardinet’s message against littering Ebru Halimoff | 13:22:PM 10/12/2014

Artist Residency - Day 26

Installing my residency work 'Monuments to Footscray' 
Today the Footscray Library Courtyard was transformed
from this

to this

Artist Residency - Day 25 - The story behind

The story behind this artist residency at Artsbox has been captured in a short film format
for you to view

Thank you Dan Rozario for doing a fabulous job on this video:

The Beauty of Trash Artsbox Artist Residency

      To view click on Vimeo link below

Artist Residency -Day 24

Last DayArtwork finished! A few locals came in to see the close to finished work ' Monument to Footscray' during the day. An installation of three totems to create awareness on local plastic consumerism which is spreading across the World.  The work will be on display at the Footscray library in the courtyard from Monday 23rd November 2014

Artist Residency - Day 23 - Scavenger

Scavenger Days are nearly OVER
One of my last day picking up rubbish today I have concentrated in the last minute design of the Totem and went to pick up flatten plastic bottles

Photo by Debbie Punton
Today the lovely warm weather brought many visitors, some recurring friendly people, to the studio. Many budding artists live in the area and use the #FootscrayLibrary extensively I must say that the library has an amazing program catering for all the communities from the Maribyrnong area.
Here are some photos of the flatten bottles gathered from one area along French Street( how appropriate). This was before a lovely vietnamese lunch at #PhoHungVuongSaigon next to Nab at 128 Hopkins st, right opposite #Trocadero and #FiveWalls galleries. I always love coming to this restaurant where the locals go and have never been disappointed. That was after I took my friends on a tour of my favorite Footscray market #LittleSaigonMarket where the products are soooo fresh they are still moving and the …

Artist Residency - Day 22

Plenty to find and put together 

Artist Residency -Day 21

Lots to find yesterdayLast week of the residency and speeding to get to the finishing line Working out how to display and hang some of the plastic bits found Drill, straps, fishing line and glue are all in action in the studio this week Here are some of my finds
Black and White:
Plastic plate Straws Knife Coffee cup lids Soft drink lids Beer pack plastic holder Texter Bell Plastic strips

Artist Residency - Day 20

Made a green seat to match #Artsboxmcc new green space and will make another one tomorrow to display together on the crates our new terrace addition that is in the shade!A blessing on a hot day...

Artist Residency - Day 19

Cold and rainy the day started, I decided to go to the studio late which paid of as I came across all this plastic trash 
Black:Knife Hanger Straws Packaging strap
White: Coffee lids Soft drinks lids Seringe Seringe packaging Packaging strip Straws Knife  Lids Plastic bag Bubble wrap 

Artist Residency - Day 18

Today I met some lovely locals whom wandered into Artsboxmcc. Sold a necklace to Matthew and spoke to Katie a freelance writer. I continue developing the totems and have secured their lining.

Artist Residency - Day 1 - Plastic Harvest

First day
Gleaning and harvesting the plastic trash found on the streets around my new studio
Discovering my new surroundings, I walked for 1.1/2hour and have gathered a promising amount of found plastics objects.Such as:

Agi pipe
Take away coffee lid
Window Rubber
Shoe bow

Packaging Straps
Bottle Lid
Mc Donald's drink cup lids
Take Away coffee lids
Industrial lid

Artist Residency - Day 5

Walking tour Footscray
Today as a new resident, I joined a council walking tour of Footscray
the tour led us from the Footscray Town Hall to Hopkins st bridge by Amanda Morgan then the wall painting that can be seen from the bridge intersection by Conrad Bizjak and then up to the library to see the tree lanterns by Jessica Kelly to end up at my  at #Artsboxmcc artist residency studio. Look up

Artist Residency - Day 9

Mapping Footscray through my walksEnjoy Bettle leaves on rice noodles for lunch packaged in a sustainable and compostable container
Black: Knife  Bottle cap Bits Reflector
White: Spoon Packaging strips Pipe Take away coffee lid Take away soft drink lid Straw Packaging strap

Artist Residency - Day 17

Getting better everyday!
This lovely studio space has a new outdoor green space  From this:
To this:

Artist Residency - Day 16

Taking shape
This morning the 'Monument to Footscray', my ephemeral totems work is progressing. Putting together slowly but surelly the gathered #Plastics of my #FootscrayLife. In a week or so this work will be finished and ready to be displayed in #Footscray.

Artist Residency - Day 15

Quiet day at studio
Thought a lot  Network with peers  Thinking  And found these
Black Packaging straps  Coffee lids Coke lid Succession caps
White Forks Soft drink lids Packaging straps

Artist Residency - Day 14

Another hot and glorious day today
Starting the totem making and lining Working with the materials found Great to work with what you have and not what you can buy

Artist Residency - Day 13 - Star Weekly

A beautiful day in Footscray, further building my totems which I have lined with a different plastic lining each. Lots of people coming in the studio today!  Perhaps this is due to the article on Artsbox artist residency in the Star Weekly November 5, 2014 printed issue by Benjamin Millar and the lovely photo taken by photographer Joe Mastroianni as seen below. Read on:

Artist Residency - Day 12

Another Beautiful Day in #Footscray ! Enjoying the library for reference books
Walking the streets for materials Building totems to connect old and new generations of the community living in Maribyrnong
Black: Packaging Straps
White: Packaging Straps T/A coffee cup lids Soft drink cups lids Bubble Wrap Food container lid  Lid Straws  Spoon Rope 

Artist Residency - Day 11 - Plastic Wrapping

Had really lovely visitors today including Nick from Footscray West who talked to me about the old country- Italy....then an artist who 's work is in show at the Dax centre... Also a poet, Julian who is torn between his love of the word and the reality of working full time... Amazing to have the time to engage with people as normally in the solitude of my studio no one comes or is invited to come as making art take a lot of mind space and concentration to develop ideas, trying, failing, starting again, failing again, writing and failing. Therefor no one is actually welcome unless one is stuck so #artsboxmcc is a welcome change to explore further and further the market, the food, the area, the people, community and surroundings of #footscray, Today my pursuit was for large plastic sheets of #plastic wrapping/packaging material that I could possibly use to diffuse the light in my 'Monument to Footscray' or  totems structures. Happy to have found some and here they are!
White: Bu…

Artist Residency - Day 10

Extending my area of searching for waste in #Footsray on a hot spring day. I can across these items including a seringe and a rice bag.

Black: Hanger Coffee lid
White: Rice bag T/A Coffee lids Packaging straps Spoon Straws Pipe Seringe T/A Soft drink lid Bottle caps

Artist Residency - Day 8

Jackpot in Footscray

I have found a large amount of take away coffee and of soft drinks lids as well as many straws
These will be mounted on the monuments I am creating to be displayed the Library courtyard after my residency. The work will be seen at night through the openings onto the carpark.

Take away coffee lids

Take away coffee lids
take away soft drinks lids

Artist Residency - Day 7

Another day looking for the unnoticed and planning how all of the found may work together as Black & white installations

Black: Packaging strips  Shoe hill Hanging device Knife Bottle cap T/A Coffee cup lid
White: Packaging strip Straws Fruit packaging Bottle cap Pipe

Artist Residency - Day 6 - Cleaning Footscray

Gleaning around I was surprised to fiund unusual pieces of machinery laying around. I also enjoyed looking at #BabyGuerilla paste up artworks adorning Footscrays's many red brick walls
Black: Rubber Straw Bits T/A Coffee lids Bottle cap Wire Packaging straps
White: Coat hanger Packaging beans Bottle cap 

Artist Residency - Day 4

Today looking for the unnoticed.
I walked in the very hot weather to pursue a little breeze...
I looked around #Footscray the site along the river and visited the gallery precinct

Black: Seal Straws Coffee lids Bits Hanging device Rubber
White: Polystyrene bits Coffee lids Straws Fork Bottle lids Soft srinks T/A lids Bucket handle Jose Packaging strap Drink bottles  Drink cup Packaging

Artist Residency - Day 3

A very hot day to work in the studio
I decide to drive around as the bitchumen   is hot under my shoes. I glean areas a bit further from the studio and I collect. I wash and display the found in my studio. I record the created collections of similar shapes and colour and start thinking of displaying the found in patterns... Although the amount and the found will dictate that... Am only the manual and word facilitator in this project. 
Black: Electrical cord Hanger Plastic bits Strip 
White:  Shopping bag Locked up bag Bubble wrap Coffee lids Soft drink lids Straws  Electrical wire

Artist Residency - Day 2

To be allowed to have the time to glean, reflect and play with an idea and have access any time to your own laboratory/studio is a gift to any artist
Thank you for people in communities forseeing this need and providing this privileged time to create in a little known area and away from artists lonesome studios. Discovering different areas, experiencing the local food, engaging with communities and being exposed to the public during the making of the artwork will greatly influence the work process and outcome of the work. Creating engagement, exchange and even collaboration with the local community is an unforgetable experience for the maker.
Plastic harvest of the day:
Black: Sunglasses lense Screws Market lid Take away coffee cup lids Cable ties Several broken debris- un-identifiable bits Electrical cord with a white plug Pop up lid Washer
White: Polystyrene cup Forks Bread ties Fruit polystyrene single protective netting  Take away coffee cup lid Straw Washer

Footscray New Art Residency - Artsboxmcc

I am the recipient of a new artist in residence in Footscray!
My studio for 5 weeks will be a 'Purple' shipping container. This laboratory is purposely refitted to suit artists basic requirements and will be situated in front of the the Footscray library.
I am looking forward to glean and record society's trash in a suburb environment and create an installation during my residency.
All welcome to visit, to have a chat, a coffee and collaborate in creating this large installation project
(please email to make an appointment

Art Collector - Opening tonight - Ranfurlie Gallery


Meme Famille Exhibition


Meme Famille invitation

Exiting Invitations have arrived
All Welcome to our opening

Tuesday 26 August 2014