Artist Residency - Day 11 - Plastic Wrapping

Had really lovely visitors today including Nick from Footscray West who talked to me about the old country- Italy....then an artist who 's work is in show at the Dax centre... Also a poet, Julian who is torn between his love of the word and the reality of working full time...
Amazing to have the time to engage with people as normally in the solitude of my studio no one comes or is invited to come as making art take a lot of mind space and concentration to develop ideas, trying, failing, starting again, failing again, writing and failing. Therefor no one is actually welcome unless one is stuck so #artsboxmcc is a welcome change to
explore further and further the market, the food, the area, the people, community and surroundings of #footscray,
Today my pursuit was for large plastic sheets of #plastic wrapping/packaging material that I could possibly use to diffuse the light in my 'Monument to Footscray' or  totems structures.
Happy to have found some and here they are!

Bubble wrap
Strong plastic cover
Diam sheeting wrap


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