There it is the dismantling of a 3 weeks show and we are please and feel that the exhibition Regurgitate. It certainly allowed people to enter our realm of interest, in pausing, for a moment, their thoughts to things they may not have seen, thought of ...
or were indifferent to

All plastic items in the show were found on the beach

Human indifference is the worse thing that can happen and in a way that is 
where we have come to in this super fast world
The oceans are polluted by our plastic and consumer waste that will never disappear
.... until..... 
we take responsibility in 
create recycling plants through out the world but first thing first, 
How about in Australia!!!

We need to use less plastic and replace it with items that are made of metal or glass 
and that are recyclable 

Painting on canvas behind mobile of purified bottles utilised by drug addicts

Spoons and lids from drink pop-up bottles
And the more responsible thing to do, would be to make accountable every manufacturer
In creating consumer goods the manufacturer need to recycle it as well or create something biodegradable or we will walk no longer on sand but on micro plastic chips along our shores

and that is already happening


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