is a 2009 film by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, narrated by the handsome Pierce Brosnan.
Although you can only hear him.
It took 4 years to film all the material needed to make 'Oceans'. Watching this documentary is music to our ears and a total and absolute pleasure to watch.
I highly recommend it for all young and older public.
Below are some exerts of the commentary read by Pierce Brosnan.

A little bit at a time new forms of life ripple the waters of the world,
spreading and multiplying
adapting and evolving

Pollution runs out of rivers spilling (as can be seen by satellite)
We have littered the oceans with hundreds of thousands of trash spilling poison around.

Sculpture III 2013
Copper and Found Black Plastic

Human 'objects' challenge each creature to find new place or new ways to survive.
Human indifference is surely the Ocean greatest threat.

Every Breath We Take
Every Drop We Drink
Depends on a Healthy Ocean


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