Last Day of Arts Hub Residency as part of Renewable Newstead Project

In a community, Artists are to be cherished and recognised and their Art is meant to be seen by all.

Thank you to all who came, chatted, welcomed me in their homes and studios.
It has been an amazing experience to go country for the last month with many mixed feelings I will be leaving this place today but to return soon I am sure.
During this residency,  I had the pleasure to teach art & sustainability workshops at the local primary school and a month-long exhibition at Newstead Arts Hub. This beautiful building a restored train station was the perfect exhibition gallery space to show my all white work made from everyday white plastic recyclables objects.
I met many people and made some amazing friendships during my stay in Newstead a village with
many talented artists that live and hide here so next time you pass by or even live here strike a conversation and ask to see their artwork. 

Portraits series in the making during the Arts Hub residency

Plastic Trap and weaved baskets at Arts Hub exhibition space

Some Newstead Primary school students

Jellyfish trio at Arts Hub exhibition space

Final artwork made by local students at Arts Hub exhibition space


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