Castlemaine State Festival 18-26 March 2017

Wonderful to be part of this Festival 
with WORA again this year 

I was privileged to be asked to put up my new work with an exhibition with 4 talented artists from Castlemaine. The Mill will be an exhibition space opposite the glorious Botanical Gardens.

Plastic Waterways - installation at night

 Surprised this morning to have the light streaming onto my work
light and shadow adding a new dimension to this installation
with a quick portrait just before we de-install 

The work Plastic Waterways was a map of Victoria's waterways engraved and of the coast cut-out a project made and inspired from possum cloaks which were painted with aerial maps of the local tribe. 
Creating awareness in plastic consumerism and plastic pollution is something I am passionate about in my art practice. Through my art practice, I have a visual language to contribute to the dialogue which is starting but only just starting to happen around the world.
This work assembled 2 l milk plastic bottles sides to visualise some of the plastic that is contaminating our natural environment. The plastic dropped on the ground will fly to our streams and rivers to finally make its way to our oceans. There the plastic contaminates the water, it chokes animal to finally being ingested by sea and bird life. When ingested plastic chemical enters the fish blood streams which in turn is going up our food chain when we eat the fish ourselves.

The Mill was a hub of activity for the local festival.
The incredible artists presented in the same space at The Mill were:

'Semaphoria" by artist CiPi

 work by artist Selby Ginn 2017

'Tuesday when I followed' is a collaboration between 
Susie Elliott & Helen Mathwin

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