All Things Nice @ Trocadero opening this Saturday 28th February 2015 4-6pm

Opening Drinks Feb 28th, 4-6pm 
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Gallery One 

A Group Show
All Things Nice 

Taken from the children's poem 'what boys and girls are made of' is really just an exhibition celebrating contemporary female artists. We're just asking artists 'what they're made of' and getting them to put their artwork where their mouth is.  

Featuring Works by: 
Rhonda Baum 
Jen Broadhurst 
Gina Cuntstruct 
Karenne Rees 
Janita Ryan
Martha Ackroyd Curtis 
Antonia Marshall 
Naomi Bishop 
Carolyn Cardinet
Arlene Fiddes
Anne Kucera
Jess Wilson

Gallery Two

Georgia BANKS

Artists Statement: Since Marina Abramovic’s 2005 performance ‘Seven Easy Pieces’ – in which she reperformed six seminal performance works from the sixties, and also an original piece – the dialogue regarding reenactment in performance art has become an increasingly popular topic. Rather than concentrating on the logistics of reperformance itself, ‘Playing With the Big Dicks’ explores what may propel the urge to rearticulate successful performance works, positing that this fascination with rearticulation regarding performance art could be described as a fetish, in which the work operates as a fetish object for the new performer. This exhibition also draws parallels between reperformance, the fetish, and tribal practices in which body modification operates as a rite of passage.


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