Back from Paris, Kassel and Frankfurt
Hard to acclimatise however I am not talking about the weather that was similar to here.
I have seem loads and loads of artwork with out thinking of my work at all...liberating indeed it was!
with an average of 3 exhibitions or museums or sites seen every day my library of images is full to the brim n my brain...yes topped up for the next 2 years am sure...

Some of the highlights were:

the Triennale of contemporary art called Proximite

and the Gerhard Richter survey called Panorama

The Leonardo Da Vinci St Anne: The ultimate masterpiece at the Louvre

Wim Delvoye at the Louvre

Artemesia Genthileschi at the musee Maillol

Rodin: La chair et le marbre in Paris

the Documenta 13 in Kassel, Germany

and the Jeff Koons survey in 2 museums in Frankfurt, Germany
Paintings at
Sculptures at

enjoy some of the Utube videos presenting these works!


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