These were found
They were part of the building blocks that I have been collecting for the last year to create this piece

I wonder what responses will it bring
These fragments of objects are just stacked to allow several manipulations until perfection is scored
Well...or close to!

I am enjoying reading Louise Bourgeois interviews and how, like me
She also talks about emotions in her work and about her continual struggle to show emotions
though materials
It is quite amazing that we try to do this through a material that has nothing to do with what we are trying to say
How does 'interpretation' such an intangible facts comes through plastic, wood or stone?
How can one interpret such an emotion like for example 'Rejection'

Yet I can read your lips: Impossible

and I would have to agree with you... however this is my research and my journey
So wish me luck in reaching some day that particular goal


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