Immerse Art Festival at Knox

For Immerse Art Festival
I have chosen to exhibit at Knox Community Arts Centre a work titled Fan-Tastic.

This work has been developing for the last 2 years. Finding and collecting new plastic means adding new pieces to Fan-Tastic, a massive wave of circular plastic assemblage.

Single-use plastic are the plague of the last 60 years spreading over the past 2 centuries as we consume them at a rapid rate for 5-20mns and then throw them away.
But where do they actually go?  Out of sight doesn't mean away away as society slowly is realising this fact, plastic is now coming to haunt us because plastic doesn't disappear...
It stays and it lays there polluting in full sight our landscapes around the world contributing to gigantic open air dumps created to hide and get rid of our massive plastic consumption.
Plastic also floats in our oceans which harms our sea life as they feed on it.

Fan-Tastic represents some of the beautiful sea creatures disapearing in our oceans. 

The single-use plastics I have incorporated in my work are endless but will list a few:

-bean foam 
-texters foam
-soy fish bottles
-bottle lids
-coffee take-away lids
-bubble wrap
-soft drinks lids
-milk bottle lids


NO Need to use Plastic TODAY

make your life plastic free


Opening 12 November 2016
at the Knox Community Arts Centre
(Immerse map site 16)


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